Start of 2019-20 School Year Construction Update

As students, teachers, and staff return to Unit 4 campuses this August, ongoing construction will be noticeable in several locations. These projects will work through the coming school years to continue to transform spaces.  While the school year resumes and construction continues, project teams will work to minimize daily interruption and have safety as the number one priority. 

Despite visible signs of construction work including exterior additions at Central High School, Centennial High Schools and South Side, as well as ongoing interior renovation work, all spaces accessible to non-construction personnel are safe.

  • Active construction zones are isolated from building occupants who are not trained to be in such spaces.  
  • Construction dust and other airborne particles are tamped down to keep it out of the school or away from occupied areas to maintain appropriate air quality.
  • Hazardous materials were abated in many areas and before spaces were opened up for follow-on construction work, they were air tested for clearance and all passed.  
  • Paths of travel are kept open and clear to allow safe passage of occupants.  

Work that must occur in occupied areas will be coordinated with the Principal of the respective school and will mostly occur after the school day and in coordination with after-school activities. 

Many initial phases of our multi-year projects are completed under slabs, behind walls, and above ceilings to address structural, heating, cooling and wiring infrastructure. As a result, visible signs of progress are not always prevalent to the casual observer until much later in the process. In other areas, it will be apparent the project team is mid-way through their work.  For example, flooring and ceilings are removed, but new materials are not yet installed. 

There are several instances of noticeable finished work at construction sites. For example, Central High School’s new windows along University Ave, and 3rd floor east wing renovated classrooms; Centennials 2nd floor north end renovated art rooms and south end Counseling Center renovated offices. These projects will reach additional visual milestones as they move through various construction phases.

The District continues “building 4 the future” and the end results will transform Unit 4 to better meet the needs of students, teachers, staff, and the community for years to come.