Referendum Oversight Committee

The goal of the Referendum Oversight Committee is to oversee the work of the project team at a high level and ensure community stakeholders and community members have a voice in the decisions being made as the design and construction projects proceed. Board of Education members will lead the committee, participate in sharing information, and take feedback from the committee to District staff for consideration and action.

Current members

  • Amy Armstrong, co-chair
  • Chris Kloeppel, co-chair
  • Elizabeth Stegmaier, district staff
  • Anna Barnes
  • Chad Barringer
  • Kristine Chalifoux
  • Bob Devine
  • Linda Hobson
  • James R. Kenyon Jr.
  • Edward Kolodziej
  • Walter Laesch
  • Lacey Rains Lowe
  • Creg McDonald
  • Carol Jo Morgan (alternate)
  • Tim Mininger
  • John L. Reed
  • Jennifer Romine
  • Dee Shonkwiler
  • Neil Strack
  • Mark Taylor

Past Meeting Documents

March 5, 2018

Notice of Meeting

December 4, 2017

Notice of Meeting

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