Edison Middle School 2020-21 Transition Information

Current and Future Edison Families, 

I am writing this letter to share exciting and important information regarding a temporary change in location for incoming 6th grade students during the 2020-2021 school year. The Edison Renovation Project is progressing very smoothly. The project is currently in the design phase.  Work includes a new gym, relocated cafeteria and administration spaces, new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, and windows and light renovation throughout the existing building.  Over the next several months the project team will continue to develop the design in preparation for the start of construction following completion of this school year. More importantly, we will be working diligently to ensure the project has minimal impact on Edison staff, students and families. 

As we work through the logistics of construction occurring while school is in session during the 2020-2021 school year, we want to make sure that we are providing you with as much information as possible. We also want to ensure we provide spaces where you can ask questions and provide input as needed. Working together will help ensure a smooth transition during renovation for our entire Edison Community. 

As we move forward, I want to be sure you have key information:

  • During the 2020-2021 school year, incoming 6th grade students will be housed at the Columbia Center located at 1103 N. Neil St. while 7th and 8th grade students will remain at Edison. Moving one grade level will allow the construction team to work on classroom spaces during the school year while they are vacant. This will help ensure the construction phase moves efficiently.
  • Students will have access to the same academic curriculum and specialized supports at both schools. Some teachers will be housed at Columbia or Edison for the school year, while others may travel from one school to the other. We are working through a schedule for both schools that will allow for such access, without limiting exposure to students middle school experience.
  • Both schools will house extracurricular activities. Some clubs will be held at Edison and some at Columbia. This allows for students to connect with others and engage in opportunities outside of the regular school day.
  • We will be utilizing Stratton Elementary School for Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, and Girls Volleyball events. Edison and various outside facilities will still be used for Wrestling, Cross Country, Baseball, Softball, and Track. We are currently working on the logistics of transportation, practices, games, etc. for all sports during the project year. 

While there has been measurable progress on the initial logistical stages of the project, there are still many pieces that need to be worked through. As you can imagine, logistics for a project of this magnitude requires great thought and much collaboration across all stakeholders. Our number one goal is to make sure we provide our entire Edison Community with the information and communication necessary to ensure a smooth transition and keep student safety and learning the top priority. We will continue to provide updates and ask for your feedback and input as our team continues its work. As always, you can find updates on all of the Unit 4 referendum projects at: https://referendumprojects.champaignschools.org/


Angela Schoonover, Principal