Edison 2020-21 Transition FAQ Page

During the 2020-21 school year, Edison's incoming 6th grade students will be housed at the Columbia Center (1103 N. Neil Street) while 7th and 8th grade students will remain at Edison. Moving one grade level will allow the construction team to work on classroom spaces while vacant during the school year to help ensure the construction phase moves efficiently. 

This page serves as an FAQ site for the upcoming Edison construction and transition year. You are encouraged to check this page periodically for updates as details are finalized. 

Introductory Letter from Principal Schoonover (Fall 2019)
Community Info Night with Project Renderings (Fall 2019)
Edison Construction Project Web Page
Transition FAQ Brochure


(revised March 2020)


Where will sports be housed?
Archery: Edison
Baseball: Spalding
Basketball (Boys): Stratton Elementary
Basketball (Girls): Stratton Elementary
Cross Country: Edison
Softball: Dexter/IPA/Centennial
Track: McKinley Track
Volleyball: Stratton Elementary
Wrestling: TBD

Will construction take place inside the main building during the school year? 
Will the second floor be under construction during the entire school year? If so, how will that impact teaching with noise/disruption?
Most of the renovation activities will occur during summer months. During the 2020-21 school year, second floor classrooms will be renovated with one portion of the second floor renovated during the fall semester and the other during the spring. Dust barriers will be in place to separate school activities from construction. Dust and dirt should not be an issue.  The amount of noise / vibration during the school day will be minimalized. Given the nature of the building's existing construction (i.e., old and sturdy), we do not believe there will be an impact to the day-to-day activities for students. That said, the Principal and other administrators will be mindful of the impact on students and will advise the construction team if operations need to change due to the impact on learning.

Will the current blacktop still be a space where kids can wait before and after school or will that become a construction area? 
The blacktop space will still be available for use in the morning and throughout the school day. 

Is the transition just for one year, i.e., will 6th graders return to the Edison building for 7th grade?
Yes, this is just for one year. Pending the construction is completed on time, 6th grade students will return to Edison for their 7th grade year. 

How will band, orchestra, and STEM classes work when divided between two buildings? Will strings, choir, and band be offered for all grades?
Yes, all 6th grade encore classes will be held at Columbia, and 7th/8th grade encore classes will be held at Edison. This means that band and strings will be offered for all grades, and one section of choir will be offered for a quarter at the 6th grade level and for a semester at the 7th grade level.

Is it true that Edison will be without a gym for the entire 2020-21 school year?
Edison will have the South Gym for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will be able to use the main gym once it is completed. Additionally, there will be classroom spaces designated for PE at both Columbia and Edison.

Will PE be offered next school year with the gym renovation?
Yes. PE will be offered at both campuses. There will be gym space for PE at both locations. Larger classroom spaces will be used for lower impact 7th and 8th grade activities at Edison. 

Any plans to have a bus take students to Edison after school for clubs, library, etc.?
There will be a shuttle after school for clubs/activities/extracurriculars. A system will be in place for allowing students on the shuttle. The shuttle will only be used to access clubs and activities held at Edison, Columbia, and Stratton. A shuttle will not be provided from Columbia to the Champaign Public Library.

When will we know about buses? 
We are currently working through the logistics for students and bussing to and from school at the Columbia building. There will be transportation (MTD and Yellow Bus) provided for students who would typically qualify for transportation. The bus numbers and route information will be available late summer and during registration.

What is the bell schedule for 2020-2021?
The bell schedule is as follows:

Additional Questions

What is the construction timeline?
 will begin in May 2020 and continue through summer 2021. A majority of the work will be done during the two summers. 

How will entrances/exits be affected during construction? 
The main entrance will remain adjacent to the playground on the Prairie Street side of the building during the 2020-2021 school year. Other entrances/exits may not be accessible during different portions of the school year, depending on which area is currently under construction.

Will the location of the main office be moved?
The main office will be located on the first floor, in the northwest portion of the building. It will be adjacent to the main entrance.

Will parking change for teachers, parents/families, etc.?
Teachers will park off campus in the CVS parking lot. Traveling teachers will most likely have reserved spots closer to the building. Families will need to park on the street around Edison as they are able to find space.

Will streets be affected by construction?
Other than increased service vehicle traffic, streets will not be affected.

How tall will the new addition be (one story, two stories)?
The new addition will be one story in height, but will be much taller due to gym needs.

How many basketball hoops will be in the new gym at Edison? 

How much seating in bleachers?
Will there be a logo on the basketball/volleyball court?
What will be done with the old locker rooms?

There will be six basketball hoops in the new gym (four cross-court and two for the regulation court). The bleachers will have seating capacity for 500 people. There will be a large red "E" in the center of the court, similar to the current design. The locker rooms will be torn down and new ones will be built.

Will there be a new main entrance at Edison?
Will restrooms change?
Will the window wells between the auditorium and hallway be affected?

The new main entrance will be located between the main building and the new gym. Restrooms will be renovated with new paint and fixtures. The window wells between the hallway and auditorium will be closed in to create one solid wall.

Will there be any changes to the lockers at Edison?

Will there be a bike rack?
There will be additional bike racks.

Will the new cafeteria be larger?
The new cafeteria will be larger and able to accommodate approximately 275 students.

Do the renovations allow for increased student enrollment at Edison?
The renovations will continue to allow for the current enrollment. There will not be an addition of classroom spaces.

What will be preserved from the north gym at Edison?
What will happen to the current mural?

The current rock wall and supplies will be preserved. The Edison "E" presently at center court will be used to create a wall hanging outside of the gym. The current mural in the gym will be demolished as part of the demolition process.

Will there be any changes to pickup and drop off locations during the transition?
Pickup and drop off locations should remain the same.

Will there be an open house when construction is completed at Edison?
Yes! Please check the website for details.

Will electricity or water need to be shut off during construction?
There will be areas that will be affected during the construction. This will not happen while students are present.

Will the classrooms have new desks and/or other equipment? Will Smart Boards remain?
Classrooms will have new desks and furniture, depending on the condition of the current furniture. Smart Boards will be replaced with interactive televisions.

Will any changes occur to the stairways and/or banisters?
Stairways and banisters will remain very similar to how they currently appear. They will be cleaned up and paint will be added in various areas.

Will access to portions of the building change during construction?

This is dependent on the area in which current construction is occurring.

Will the heating and cooling systems change?
Yes. All of our spaces will have HVAC.

Will ceiling heights be adjusted at Edison?
Hallway and classroom ceilings will be dropped approximately one foot due to the HVAC system. The lower ceiling in the blue hallway will not be dropped.

What will happen to the current library mural?
The mural in the library will remain in its present location. It will be covered during construction work in order to maintain appearance.

Are windows being replaced and what will happen to the old block windows at Edison? 
All windows are being replaced, including the block style windows. Construction crews will dispose of the old windows.

What will happen to the Solen House?
The Solen House will remain unchanged.

Will any landscaping be altered during construction?
There will be landscaping around much of the new construction.

Columbia Questions

How many students will move to Columbia for the year? How many will remain at Edison?
Only 6th grade students, approximately 270-280 total, will be at Columbia during the 2020-21 school year. Seventh and 8th grade students, approximately 550 total, will remain at Edison.

How do the gym, cafeteria, and classrooms look at Columbia?
Columbia looks very similar to Edison in many ways. The gym and cafeteria are shared and is about the size of the south gym at Edison. Classrooms are slightly larger than most classrooms at Edison, and look similar in appearance.

Will any areas of the Columbia Center be restricted from Edison student use?
Students will not have access to rooms that are reserved for district use.

How far is the Columbia Center from Edison?

Columbia is located north of Edison on Randolph Street, approximately 1.5 miles away.

Will there be any specific signage at either Edison or Columbia indicating which grades are in each building?
Yes. There will be a sign outside of the Columbia building and a sign of some kind will likely be added outside of Edison.