Centennial High School 2nd Semester Construction Information

Centennial High School will be continuing construction in the building 2nd semester. Please see the important information below regarding this process.

Entrances for Events

•       For events in the Gym, guests will enter through Door #17 (door on the northeast side of the building facing the parking lot).  This will be the only entrance for these events.
•       For events in the Auditorium, guests will enter through the Main Entrance on Crescent Street.  Guests needing to use the elevator will enter through the south breezeway doors.

Cafeteria and Lunch Hours

•       During 2nd semester, a portion of the cafeteria will be lost for construction. To help with this, the Library will be open during lunch periods for students who would like to get their lunch and have a quiet place to eat while they do work, read, listen to music, etc.  Students wishing to do so should get their lunch and use the breezeway to go to the Library.

Asbestos Removal During Winter Break

•       Over Winter Break, some asbestos removal will occur to prepare for further construction.  This should be completed in January and will not interrupt school. (The notice posted in the school is linked HERE.)

2nd Semester Classroom Changes

•       During 2nd semester, the row of classrooms and the hallway on the north side of the cafeteria will be under construction to prepare for an expanded cafeteria.  Students’ schedules will reflect where their classes will be located second semester, so please make sure to check them. 
•       Students can still enter through Door #17 (northeast of the building facing the parking lot).