Burnham Mansion Virtual Walk-through

Necessary Software:

In order to view the virtual walk-throughs of the Burnham Mansion on this website, you will need the following software:  

  • The Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser; and
  • The Leica TruView web browser plug-in for Internet Explorer.

NOTE:  Because of the need for the special browser plug-in, these walk-throughs can only be viewed with Internet Explorer. No other browser will work. If you do not already have the TruView plug-in installed (and most people do not), you can download a compressed zip file containing both the installer and instructions for its use from the link below:

Download the Leica TruView plug-in installer 

Links to the walk-through files:

Because of the size of the files, we have broken the walk-throughs into separate sections, with one for each floor of the building and another for the exterior. Each of these links will open in a new tab:

Burnham 1st Floor

Burnham 2nd Floor 

Burnham 3rd Floor 

Burnham Exterior